August 12, 2017 and Sunday August 13. 2017
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Host Adventure: Punishment at the Peak Adventure

Darren and Jill are crushing cars. They are at the Punishment at the Peak Event at the Tooele County Fair. This is a great demolition derby and we take you behind the scenes
and show you what it takes to drive in a derby event.

Punishment at the Peak

Travel Adventure: Rafting the Salmon River

Chad and Ria are on the Salmon River in Idaho. They join White Otter Outdoor Adventures and show you why this is a great adventure for your family to take part in and what is provided.

White Otter Adventures

Product Review: Rockwood A Frame Review

Chad reviews the new Rockwood A-Frame Trailer. This is the extreme sports package and we show you some great features offered by this trailer.

Ray Citte RV

Trail Adventure: Outdoor Adventure Days 2017

Reece is at the Lee Kay Center for the Outdoor Adventure Days. This is an awesome event to show kids what great activities are available in the great outdoors and give them some instruction.

Outdoor Adventure Days

Planner: AYL Travel Planner

At Your Leisure is your source for all the cool things to do in the great outdoors. In this week's travel planner Darren and Jill cover the Helper Arts Festival, the Manti Mountain ATV Run, and this weeks sticker winner.

Manti Mountain ATV Run and Helper Arts Festival


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