September 22 2018 and Sunday September 23 2018
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Host Adventure: Four Seasons Ride

Chad and Ria head out with everything you need to make the perfect adventure. They travel through every season in one ride on the huge Arapeen trail system and Skyline Drive.

Utah State Parks and Trail Map

Four Seasons Ride

Travel Adventure: Ninja in Training

Zack goes into training at the Ninja Warehouse. It teaches how to move through different obstacles and pushes people to their limit while having tons of fun.

Ninja Warehouse

Ninja in Training

Product Review: Norm Bates Butt

Reagan and Bill teach us how to cook Norm Bates Butt. This is a pork roast that can't be beat.
Watch to see how easy it really is.

Norm Bates Butt

Trail Adventure: American Fork Canyon Trout

Reece heads up American Fork Canyon to find out how the Brown Trout population is doing after a flood that caused much of the population to die.

American Fork Canyon Fishing

American Fork Canyon Trout


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