January 13 2018 and Sunday January 14 2018
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Host Adventure: Tri-County Loop 2018

Darren and Jill are going to the top of the world right in our back yard. They are on the Tri-County Loop Trail which goes through 3 counties. We show you the beauties and
how you and your family can enjoy this area.

5 Mile Pass and Steadman's Recreation

Tri-County Loop 2018

Travel Adventure: Recapture Reopened

Zack looks a Recapture Canyon. This road has been re-opened and is being cleared piece by piece.

Recapture Canyon

Recapture Reopened

Product Review: KZ Escape Mini 18 RV Review

Chad reviews the new KZ Escape Mini 18 trailer. This is an ultra light RV with many features and tons of room for its size.

Ray Citte RV

KZ Escape Mini 18 RV Review

Trail Adventure: Show and Shine

Terry attends a car show that includes a show and shine for UTVs. Watch to see how to upgrade your machine and get some great ideas.

Show and Shine

Show and Shine

Planner: AYL Travel Planner

At Your Leisure is your source for all the cool things to do in the great outdoors. Chad and Ria cover the Boat & RV show and this weeks sticker winner.

Boat Show and RV Show

AYL Travel Planner


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