March 16 2019 and Sunday March 17 2019
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Host Adventure: Smoking Gun Club

Chad and Mark from Eagles Landing are challenging the shooting range at the Smoking Gun Club in Mesquite Nevada. They show us all the activities and types of shooting that are available here.

Smoking Gun Club

Smoking Gun Club

Where To: Prospecting for Gold in Montana

Chad and Ria hire John to teach them how the true prospectors pan for gold.
They go over the different ways to find pay dirt.

Prospecting for Gold in Montana

Whats New: Honda Talon R Review

Brian from Tread Lightly covers some responsibilities that all ATV riders should apply
as they are out enjoining the outdoors.

Steadman's Recreation and Jorgensen's

Honda Talon R Review

Along the Way: Panama Canal 2019

Reece is crossing through the Panama Canal. He gives a great history lesson of how it was created and what to expect if you are lucky enough to make this trip.

Panama Canal

Panama Canal 2019


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