August 11 2018 and Sunday August 12 2018
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Host Adventure: Duchesne Littles

Wrinkles Road in Duchesne County has been dubbed "Little Grand Canyon". Its at the very bottom of Duchesne County and is not well known to even the locals. The land surrounding is flat that opens up into a large canyon. Starvation Reservoir in Duchesne County, has been dubbed "Little Lake Powell" by visitors because of the warm and clear water, and sand cliff formations for cliff jumping. Visit "Little Yellowstone" in Duchesne County. It doesn't have geysers, but you can ATV to it! It is called "Little Yellowstone" because of the yellow rock formations created by sulfur. There is a river by it that has awesome fishing as well.

Duchesne County

Duchesne Littles

Travel Adventure: Ranch Life Hawaii

Zach - that lucky guy - got to explore the Ho'omau Ranch on the south side of the big island in Hawaii! Did you know that this ranch was once owned by James Stewart?! If you don't know who that is, he was a famous movie star back in the when movies were black and white. The new owners of the ranch offer tours and even a place to stay!

Ho'omau Ranch

Ranch Life Hawaii

Product Review: KZ Escape 23 Bunkhouse Trailer Review

Chad reviews the new KZ Escape 23 Bunkhouse trailer. If you would like a great family trailer with a lot of room and is built to last, this is the trailer for you.

Ray Citte RV

KZ Escape 23 Bunkhouse Trailer Review

Trail Adventure: International Peace Gardens

The International Peace Gardens at Jordan Park (address below) is 11 acres in the north west corner of Jordan Park on a bend of the Jordan River in Salt Lake City. Built after world war 2, the gardens were dedicated in 1952 as a citizenship lesson in peace and understanding between nations. The gardens have cool sculptures. Bikes and Dogs are allowed. The Gardens are separated into 26 sections representing 26 different countries - the biggest garden being USA.

International Peace Gardens

International Peace Gardens


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