Saturday, October 30, 2010 and Sunday, October 31, 2010
Episode 9: Online Now!

Season 9 Episodes or Archives

Host Adventure: SnoShow

Chad and the Cast are at the SnoShow in Riverton to give way tons of free prizes. AYL has given over $100,000 in prizes this year. This whole show is dedicated to giving away more free "shwag".

Travel Adventure: Galapagos Islands

Reese Stein hits the Galapagos Islands for and adventure cruise like no other. He encounters up close and personal the many critters that inhabit the islands. Included are Dragons, Tortoises, Birds and Sea Lions. Join us to learn more about these wonderful Islands.

Product Review: Suzuki King Quad 400 4X4

Darren Kinder reviews the new Suzuki King Quad 400 4X4 from Big Boys Toys in Ogden.
What makes this very functional 4X4 machine so great? Take a look.

Trail head Adventure: Gary Herbert

Governor John Huntsman leaves land management issues to his successor Gary Herbert to handle. How is Gary handling these issues and what is being done to over come them? He is starting by looking at the RS2477 road issues.

Planner: Up and Coming Events

Kory Toone is at the SnoShow and tells about the future events that will be happening. Events include Hump and Bump, B.A.C.A motorcycle ride, and the Alaska Cruise


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