At Your Leisure - Saturday 10:30 pm / Sunday 9:00 am on ABC 4 Utah

Three Corners Ride

Three Corners

Kevin and Gina join up with our friends from Club Rec South to explore Three Corners via Cedar Pocket. These local guides take us to a massive sinkhole, explore desert trails for miles, show us gorge views to die for and take us on rocky washes to rip through.

Club Rec’s awesome Can-Ams do the trick in handling this varied terrain, and the group hits Three Corners Monument for a little history lesson. Club Rec is a great company that recently expanded from it’s Eden headquarters into St. George, and they’ve got four locations where you can rent top of the line machines and gear.

They also offer guided tours like the one featured in this episode. Check it out this weekend and plan your own adventure in warm and sunny southern Utah!

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