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Tushar Mountains – Benson Grist Mill Pageant – Trans-siberian Extreme

Season 16 Episode 48

This week on AYL we fly fish the Tushar Mountains, find out what the Benson Grist Mill Pageant is all about, review the new Scarab 255 Identity, and find out what kind of marathon the Trans-Siberian Extreme is.

1:00 – If you like Fly Fishing, the Tushar Mountains in Beaver County Utah is the place to go. Our guides Jesse McMullin from Fremont River Guides, and Burke Swindlehurst offer some good tips for catching fish like a pro. They bring us to Merchant Valley half way up Beaver Canyon. This spot is particularly beautiful with plenty of fish waiting to be caught. You can catch almost every species of trout in the river including Rainbow Trout.

4:39 – See Utah’s history through song and dance at the Benson Grist Mill Pageant in Tooele County, August 9, 10, 11, 13th at the mill in Tooele. Benson Grist Mill in Tooele County, UT was commissioned in 1851 by Ezra Benson. It was completed in 1854. Today, the mill has been restored and is a great place to visit and see some Utah History. The Benson Grist Mill Pageant is a fun musical that gets put every year reenacting actual historical events about the Mill and Tooele County through song.

10:49 – Boating season is not over. In the market for a beautiful boat that is extremely easy to handle? Be sure to check out the 2018 Scarab 255 Identity from Moto United of Draper. Scarab first came about as an offshore racing boat. Now, Scarab has reinvented itself as a versatile jet boat that does everything you love like wake surfing, wake-boarding and water skiing. One of the benefits of having a jet propulsion boat is that the Scarab is extremely maneuverable – it turns on a dime.

19:38 – The Trans-Siberian Extreme is an annual Russian race that goes through heavy traffic. It’s a 5500 mile bike marathon that pushes riders from one side of Russia to the other. They go through 8 time zones in 25 days and ride for 350 hours. The race is broken up into 15 sections with the most obvious challenge being traffic, food and sleep.

26:36 – Take a sneak peek at next weeks show.

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