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Outlaws & Exploration – ATVing Bear Lake – Weller Recreation

Season 16 Episode 41

This week on AYL we go in search for outlaws, explore the Bear Lake area trail system, take a look behind the scenes at Weller Recreation, and get a history lesson on Fort Ticonderoga.

1:00 – Steve and Ria are out exploring the trails of famous outlaws. They are on the Fremont trail system discovering Butch Cassidy’s home among other historical sites.

4:50 – Zack is at Bear Lake with Epic Recreation exploring the Bear Lake area trail system. There are tons of great views and beauties in this area.

11:19 – Corinne visits Weller Recreation for a behind the scenes look at the operations it takes to run a successful dealership.

18:51 – Reece heads East to Fort Ticonderoga New York. This fort saw the very beginnings of this country. He gives a great history lesson on this fort and area.

27:20 – Take a sneak peek at next weeks show.

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