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Jorgensen’s First Ride

Jorgensen's First Ride

In this week’s “Along the Way,” we hit Sand Hollow State Park with Jorgensen’s for their annual First Ride! DYK the First Ride has been an annual tradition for more than 40 years? But this year, the event opened up from dirt bikes only to include side by sides, and naturally we were there to capture all the fun.

The crew hits the challenging Double Sammy and with some first timers out for the expedition, having an experienced crew like Jorgensen’s ensures you’re in good hands for an amazing day. A little rocky offroading is just part of the thrill of the experience, as is making new friends and learning to handle steep terrain or even build jumping skills like this crew.

Whether two wheels or four, Jorgensen’s First Ride has plenty of flavor for any offroad lover. Be sure to follow them for the latest upcoming events, and tune in this weekend for a sun-soaked offroad adventure in the sand dunes!

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