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Babes Shred Pow Snowmobile Tour

Babes Shred Pow

This week, our social media manager Kat Kennedy takes a break from the keyboard to embrace the mountains with Tracked Out Adventures for Babes Shred Pow, a brand new all-female backcountry snowmobile tour!

The awesome ladies at Tracked Out Adventures show this Utah newbie the ropes and help her challenge her skills and build confidence on a snowmobile. Exploring the backcountry safely is a top requirement for any adventurer, and having a professional guide is essential, especially with recent avalanche concerns in the area.

From mapping a safe and fun route to outfitting clients with the best gear and equipment, Tracked Out Adventures provides a one-stop shop for unforgettable snowmobile tour, whether you’re a first timer or an experienced snow bunny.

Plan your next adventure on the mountain after you watch with us!

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