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Bicknell Veteran’s Memorial Dedication

Hey AYL Fans! Kevin and Gina are off to Bicknell this week to show how this small town is paying homage to its veterans as well as its history and where it fits in the story of the great American west.

Where To: Reece Stein is out in the Salt Lake Valley to show off the International Peace Garden, a collection of memorials, flower beds, and much more all in celebration of the diversity of the Salt Lake area and Utah. This is a leisurely stroll you won’t want to miss!

What’s New: For more information on Yardley Premium Beef visit: Katy has a fun mix up on a classic style this week with her Hawaiian Meatloaf, an even tangier and tastier version of a home style meat loaf with bacon and mouthwatering pineapple.

Along the Way: Employees from Steadman’s get out in the Uintas to demonstrate the power of their four wheelers and all the beautiful places that you can get to while having an exciting ride the whole way up.

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