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Black Dragon Canyon Jeep Adventure

Black Dragon Canyon

This weekend, Chad heads back to the San Rafael Swell with our great friends at Lone Peak 4 Wheelers Jeep Club for our latest #OHV50​ trail. We hit the Black Dragon Canyon, a natural treasure and a Jeepers paradise you definitely don’t want to sleep on. Hone your skills, meet new friends and enjoy amazing adventures in rock crawling with this awesome Jeep club!

As far as the trail, it features some awesome petroglyphs including one of its namesake. DYK in the early days of ranching on the San Rafael Swell, Black Dragon Wash was a wagon road connecting the Sinbad Country and Cottonwood Wash with the community of Green River? That road has eroded away, and it is now rated a moderate 4X4 road. We like history!

And this week, we’re also showing you how you can support the gateway communities near these awesome trails — where to stock up, eat and stay when you visit. Check out Rays Tavern, Tamarisk Restaurant, Melon Vine Food Store, CrossCut Brewery and Grogg’s during your visit and help grow our rural communities’ economies!

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