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Casey’s Off Road Recovery Full Episode

Casey's Off Road Recovery

More Sand Hollow! Chad and Ria have a blast at the dunes with Casey’s Off Road Recovery to learn about the toys and tools he uses to get offroad adventurers back into gear after getting stuck in the sand or otherwise needing a helping hand.

Take a few risks without the worry knowing Casey’s team will be there to help if you need it. And learn about Casey’s “Trunk Junk” recommendations for packing your own emergency recovery gear.

Base camp is Hurricane, where the crew fuels up at Main Street Cafe and goes honey shopping at Muddy Bees, where Casey has his own line of honey, Lofthouse Honey. Groovy!

Nick Chase explores Antelope Island on Antelope E-Bikes for this week’s “Where To” segment. Choose from one of four tours or rent a bike by the hour, this great company is based at the marina for the ultimate convenience. Get up close and personal with nature in this picturesque state park with its drop dead views and boundless wildlife.

This weekend, we’re featuring part four of the Van Goes motorhome restoration for our “What’s New” segment! This time, the Funhous gets some breathing room with new doors and a coat of pain on the roof. There is much more to come on this RV restoration, so stay tuned!

“Along the Way,” we’re back at Sand Hollow State Park with Jorgensen’s for their annual First Ride! This year, the event opened up from dirt bikes only to include side by sides, and naturally we were there to capture all the fun.

The crew hits the challenging Double Sammy and with some first timers out for the expedition, having an experienced crew like Jorgensen’s ensures you’re in good hands for an amazing day. A little rocky offroading is just part of the thrill of the experience, as is making new friends and learning to handle steep terrain or even build jumping skills like this crew!

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