At Your Leisure - Saturday 10:30 pm / Sunday 9:00 am on ABC 4 Utah

Casey’s Off Road Recovery

Casey's Off Road Recovery

More Sand Hollow! Chad and Ria have a blast at the dunes with Casey’s Off Road Recovery to learn about the toys and tools he uses to get offroad adventurers back into gear after getting stuck in the sand or otherwise needing a helping hand.

Next time you visit, take a few risks without the worry knowing Casey’s team will be there to help if you need it. Learn about Casey’s “Trunk Junk” recommendations for your own emergency recovery gear, and buckle up because you know Ria gets her turn at the giant wheel!

Base camp is Hurricane, where the crew fuels up at Main Street Cafe and goes honey shopping at Muddy Bees, where Casey has his own line of honey, Lofthouse Honey. Groovy!

Visit the historic Bradshaw Hotel, the first home built in Hurricane, which is now a museum and a nostalgic nod to the past.

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