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Chasing Butch Cassidy in Piute County

Kevin and Gina are chasing the trails of famous outlaw Butch Cassidy while checking out the incredibly beautiful trails in the area!

Where To: AYL is hitting the road to get out of the house, and enjoy a day socially distancing on the incredibly beautiful trails in Iron County!

What’s New: Chad is at Jorgensen’s to check out this incredible side by side! Kawasaki has tailored this machine to climbing rocks and tackling rough obstacles.

Along The Way: June 6th, historically remembered as D-Day, is perhaps one of the most important days in the past century of history. It symbolizes the turning of the tide in World War Two and serves as a reminder of the great sacrifice our service members make to this day. To honor the thousands who stormed the beaches of Normandy is not an easy task, but the Commemorative Air Force Museum of Heber gives everyone the chance to do just that.

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