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Christmas Light Show Full Episode

Christmas Light Show Full Episode

It’s a Christmas lights extravaganza on this week’s episode! Join us for a festive drive-through experience at South Jordan’s Christmas In Color and Spanish Fork’s Festival of Lights. Then huddle up around the fire with some hot cocoa and new friends at Thanksgiving Point’s Luminaria! We’re feeling the Christmas spirit around here and we sure hope you’ll join us!

Along the Way: Reece Stein takes us to Scofield Reservoir for ice fishing! Scofield Reservoir is one of the first lakes to freeze over, and you can enjoy some socially distanced fun with plenty of fresh air and sunshine while you’re at it.

Where To: While we’re enjoying a little snow here, host Nick Chase digs his toes into a different powdery substance for this week’s “Where To” segment – sand! That’s right, he’s off to Florida again for a visit to the white sands of the lush and lovely Topsail Hill State Park.

What’s New: It’s home cooking at its best in this week’s “What’s New” segment featuring Nigerian meat pies made with Yardley Premium Beef, and you know you want some.

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