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Classic Car Auction Full Episode

Classic Car Auction

Chad, Ria and Scott Huntsman are in their element with smiles ear to ear as they join Classic Cars Auction Group in Thanksgiving Point for its 6th annual car show. From a 1968 Camaro to a Jeep Scrambler and everything in between — including a 1936 Ford! — this is a fantastic annual event for passionate collectors, hobbyists and aficionados alike.

With more than 100 classic cars for sale, this every man’s auction is designed to enable car lovers at every budget to participate and enjoy in the fun.

Our beloved Reece Stein is back and he and Marianne are hitting Antelope Island State Park for a hiking expedition on the Frary Peak trail. These lovebirds take in the sprawling fields of blooming wildflowers, free roaming wildlife and gorgeous views of Great Salt Lake on their way to the highest point on the island, Frary Peak at 6,600 feet.

Steve Hawkins with Utah ATV Association joins us in this week’s “What’s New.” Steve breaks down the emergency essential every smart offroader should be packing before they head out on the trails. From the basics like rain gear, tire repair kits and emergency blankets to emergency locator beacons and extra belts and a well equipped tool kit and more, this is a great reminder for all of us on how to stay safe and more importantly, get home safely.

Joel German and the crew from Legacy Offroad Recovery Training teach an awesome group of Jeepers not only what tools to choose but more importantly how to use them to get out of a bind on the trail. From using traction boards and jacks to cables and winches and much more, the goal of this class is hands-on training for real world scenarios.

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