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Crocodile Trail

Crocodile Trail

On this week’s “Where To” segment, Nick Chase explores Crocodile Trail with our friends from our friends from the Utah/Arizona ATV Club. Ten miles east of Kanab between Johnson Canyon and Kanab Canyon, the sandy oasis of Crocodile Trail will certainly enchant you. From breathtaking views to fantastic indigenous artifacts to hidden caves and brilliant balancing hoodoos, this ace of trail has a little bit of everything that makes Utah so special.

An easy trail for beginners and experts alike, the Utah/Arizona ATV Club recommend you explore with a guide to discover all the little treasures this trail offers but only the locals know.

Base camp is Kanab, where you can enjoy flavorful Mexican like Escobar’s or enjoy any of its delightful eateries. Stay at the Parry Lodge or one of many fine hotels/motels in this wonderful small town.

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