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Devil’s Racetrack Full Episode

Devil's Racetrack

On this weekend’s episode, Chad and Ria make a deal with the devil. They hit the Devil’s Racetrack with Lone Peak 4 Wheelers Jeep Club! to explore this exceptional trail in the San Rafael Swell, which features some challenging terrain to test your skills along with beautiful vista views and terrific scenery all around.

Basecamp is Ferron, another charming rural town we’re highlighting where you can support the local economy. There are a variety of places to grab some grub, fill up your tank, stock up on snacks and spend the night either camping or at one of several adorable cabins at Big Mountain Lodge. Both the Lodge and Conover’s Place feature tasty food and side by side rentals, too!

Explore the splendor of southwest Utah on Gooseberry Mesa Trail with Tri-State ATV Club in this week’s “Where To.” You’ll find some very interesting rock formations, geological anomalies, hidden caves and petrified wood fossils. It’s the views for us tho, and on this trail they are stunning!

On this week’s “What’s New,” Scott Huntsman gives a Jeep JL a budget build for a 2.5 inch lift, 35-inch tires, some new wheels and naturally, an expert alignment by Tunex. This is a great option if you’re looking for a little lift and some style but not planning major offroad adventures.

On this week’s “Along the Way,” we check out custom-crafted rifles from Boring Rifles, a local manufacturer based in Beaver. Owner Carston Davis puts his love of creating one-of-a-kind guns that are fitted, finished and chambered right here in Utah.

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