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Ebiking Zion with Steadmans

Ebike Zion with Steadmans Full Episode

We go for an ebike adventure with Steadmans! The Booths & the Steadmans zip through Zion and gander at Grafton on Yamaha ebikes to explore the area a la Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. Long distances are a breeze with these premium bikes made for a full day’s exploration without the muscle fatigue. Plus, watch Chad test his luck when he tests out a one wheel!

Then the group gets some rest at The Tyler Inn, located in Rockville just five minutes outside Zion National Park.

Steven Heumann returns to us with a special Jeep adventure tour on West Maui with Hoaloha Jeep Adventures in our “Where To.” Enjoy plenty of stops to hike, swim and explore along the Hawaii coastlines on a Jeep trip where you’ll see black sand beaches, lava caves and mindblowing natural wonders unlike anywhere in the US.

“Along the Way,” check out how Utah Off-Road stepped up to help the Navajo community when they learned of a critical need for household, food, clothing and school supplies. You can be a part of the solution too in building a stronger, healthier community for all. ​

Calling all RV lovers! Coming this weekend, it’s RV restoration part three when Van Goes Auto Body tackles the next phase of Chad’s ’76 GMC Eleganza motorhome project in this week’s “What’s New.”

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