Eureka Ore Bust Ride

This weekend, Kevin and Gina join a huge group of friends from UTV Utah and SlikRok Productions for the Eureka Ore Bust Ride. They head out from Five Mile Pass to Eureka and wrap up with some rock crawling at Little Moab.

The group heads through a mining train tunnel and juniper forests and end up at Little Moab where SlikRok Productions lends a hand showing some newbies the rock crawling ropes. This group of approximately 400 machines is certainly an enormous group, but the ride also focuses on teaching newcomers to the sport how to offroad with respect to the land and the towns nearby.

Reece Stein is back for this week’s “Where To,” and he’s visiting Rockport Reservoir with Utah DWR as they work to establish new populations of kokanee salmon in three reservoirs in Utah. The most recent effort is an introduction of 24,000 three-inch fish into Rockport Reservoir, the second of such integrations.

Scott Huntsman is bringing you a fresh “What’s New” with a couple of new products from Jeep Safari. First up, a new Apex Performance Products quick deflator valve stems. This company is based in Park City and makes these awesome new tool-free kits that drop your PSI from 33 lbs to 10 lbx in under 15 seconds.

Next, it’s challenge coins offroad style! Trail Coins USA is offering these collectors items that showcase your adventures on the trails. Collect em, trade em, challenge your buds! In this week’s “Along the Way,” we head to Salina City to visit Burns Saddlery, a saddle maker and western outfitter that has reimagined their retail outlet as a manufacturing facility.

From hats to boots to saddles and silver buckles, this is the oldest family-owned western business in the world. Built by saddle makers since 1876, Burns will gladly help you update your cowboy style with some authentic ranch ready gear.

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