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Eureka Ore Bust Ride

Eureka Ore Bust Ride

This weekend, Kevin and Gina join a huge group of friends from UTV Utah and SlikRok Productions for the Eureka Ore Bust Ride. They head out from Five Mile Pass to Eureka and wrap up with some rock crawling at Little Moab.

The group heads through a mining train tunnel and juniper forests and end up at Little Moab where SlikRok Productions lends a hand showing some newbies the rock crawling ropes. Then the kids get to have some fun at the Beaster Egg Hunt!

This group of approximately 400 machines is certainly an enormous group, but the ride also focuses on teaching newcomers to the sport how to offroad with respect to the land and the towns nearby by staying on designated trails, packing out trash and leaving no trace.

Basecamp is Eureka where you can grab a bite at B’s Hangout, which fed the whole group on this ride so be sure to stop by and say hi.

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