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Five Mile Pass Full Episode

Five Mile Pass

Chad and Ria go exploring above Five Mile Pass with Greg Sheehan and Evan Glenn from Utah BLM. Learn about the improvements they’re bringing to the trails, such as restrooms, trash receptacles and other infrastructure improvements. We’re focusing on best practices for being responsible stewards of the trails and of our lands while having some serious fun on a small chunk of BLM’s 22 million acres of public lands. These are our lands, so enjoy them, take care of them and share them for generations to come

. We beat the heat heading from Salina to Gooseberry on the Lion’s Trail with North Sevier Rec in this week’s “Where To.” The beautiful trail in the Fishlake National Forest is filled with gorgeous cedars, junipers and aspen, not to mention wildflowers in full bloom, so now is the perfect time to plan your adventure in some higher elevation areas of the state. Base your trip out of Salina City, the hub city to stay and eat as well as enjoy access to all Southern Utah has to offer.

Scott Huntsman installs a four wheel power disk brake system in an iconic 1970 Plymouth Cuda in this week’s “What’s New.” When converting from a drum to a disc brake, Scott recommends ensuring you get a complete kit with a master cylinder and booster like the MP Power Brake Conversion Kit he reviews for you this weekend.

In this week’s Along the Way, we catch up with another of our Legends of the Trail, Mark Habbeshaw, a former Kane County commissioner who fought tirelessly for OHV trail access. He worked to preserve offroad usage of established roads within the Grand Staircase -Escalante National Monument in Kane County including an act of civil disobedience when it came to removing restrictive signs on roads that actually belong to the county.

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