Frary Peak

Our beloved Reece Stein is back and he and Marianne are hitting Antelope Island State Park for a hiking expedition on the Frary Peak trail. These lovebirds take in the sprawling fields of blooming wildflowers, free roaming wildlife and gorgeous views of Great Salt Lake on their way to the highest point on the island, Frary Peak at 6,600 feet.

Nearly five hours start to finish at a very leisurely pace, this is a moderately difficult hike and you should be prepared with sunscreen, a hat and lots of water as there is no shade on the trail. You may experience noseeums this time of year, so a mesh face net and long pants/sleeves are recommended … or you could just wait a few weeks until it gets a little warmer.

These adventurers were not deterred and you shouldn’t be either. Check it out and plan your own adventure!

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