Goblin Valley State Park is an absolutely breathtaking area down in beautiful Emery County in Southern Utah. Journey to this strange and colorful valley, which is unlike any other in Utah. The landscape, covered with sandstone goblins and formations, is often compared to Mars.

Explore the geology, and camp among the nooks and gnomes. With incredible recreation and camping, this state park is the perfect place for your next getaway! Goblin Valley State Park is a showcase of geologic history. Exposed cliffs reveal parallel layers of rock bared by erosion. Because of the uneven hardness of sandstone, some patches resist erosion much better than others.

The softer material is removed by wind and water, leaving thousands of unique, geologic goblins. Water erosion and the smoothing action of windblown dust work together to shape the goblins. Bedrock is exposed because of the thin soil and lack of vegetation. When rain does fall, there are few plant roots and little soil to capture and hold the water, which quickly disappears, in muddy streams without penetrating the bedrock.

Opened to the public as a state park in 1964.

Park Elevation – 5,000 feet


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