At Your Leisure - Saturday 10:30 pm / Sunday 9:00 am on ABC 4 Utah

Green River Ride

Kevin and Gina are out with our friends at Jorgensen’s to go on a fun ride with UTV Utah! They are checking out beautiful Green River, and you’ll definitely want to add this place to your “must visit” list!

Google Map:…

Where To: This breathtaking park has everything you need from cabins, yurts, RV camping, tent camping, and hammock structures, to watercraft rentals like boats,, kayaks, and more!…

Google Map:…

What’s New: Sam the Gadget Girl is teaming up with Kings Pond Enterprises to show you this incredible grill that is a game changer for everyone who likes to cook on their adventures!

Along The Way: Scott Hunstman is showing us a behind the scenes look at how these pit crews get monster trucks ready for their big shows!

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