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Legends of the Trail: Bruce Steadman

Bruce Steadman

On this week’s “Along the Way,” we begin our Legends of the Trail series for #OHV50, and we couldn’t be more honored to showcase the legendary Bruce Steadman in our inaugural segment.

A champion of access for all and an entrepreneur who has rolled and adapted with the times to build a multi-million dollar family businesses over three generations, Bruce is a pillar of the OHV community and Tooele County. From our first episode to our most recent, Bruce Steadman has appeared on AYL many times, but DYK Steadman’s is our longest running sponsor, since our very first season?! In fact, the show may not have been created at all without his support.

From hosting Honda R/D at his home and seeing his recommendations implemented on Honda motorcycles to festive family gatherings on Boulder mountain, Bruce is a true patriarch at work and play. Now retired, Bruce continues to serve the OHV sport today. We’re delighted to air this tribute to him, his legacy and his love of family, sport and community.

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