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Little Sahara Recreation Area

We are checking gout this popular recreation area to show that it isn’t just for busy holiday weekends! Little Sahara Recreation Area (LSRA) is 60,000 acres of sagebrush flats, juniper-covered hills, and free moving sand dunes located in Juab County, Utah. Less than a two-hour drive from Salt Lake City, LSRA provides an experience unlike any other for OHV fun and camping. Visitors frequent the recreation area for the challenges of climbing the 700-foot tall Sand Mountain, network of dirt trails around Black Mountain, low-lying dunes for beginners, and the White Sand Dune bowls. Visitors to LSRA also enjoy hiking in the 6,000-acre Rockwell Outstanding Natural Area, fat-biking on the dunes, sandboarding/skiing down Sand Mountain, and wildlife viewing. Two children sand play areas are available in White Sands Campground and the Jericho Picnic Area. Motorized vehicles are not permitted inside the play areas. The recreation area offers 255 improved campsites with access to 40 toilets, two sources for potable water, and 16 miles of paved roads. The campsites are located within four campgrounds: White Sands, Oasis, Jericho, and Sand Mountain. In addition to a Visitor’s Center and campground amenities, LSRA has a fire station, engine bay/shop, and a bunkhouse for wildfire personnel. LSRA records more than 20,000 visitors on the busy weekends of Easter, Memorial Day, and Labor Day, and 300,000 visitors annually. All fees collected are used to keep the site clean and open to the public.

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