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Meatloaf with Katy Yardley

What’s New: Katy Yardley is cooking up a mouthwatering meatloaf! This recipe is guaranteed to become a family favorite so check it out!

What you need:

2 lbs Yardley’s Premium Beef


One large yellow onion – diced

2 large carrots – grated

4 eggs

¼ cup cream or half and half


Salt & Pepper

Ritz crackers – ground up


Dry mustard

Cane sugar OR brown sugar

Parsley for garnish


Preheat over to 350

In one large pan melt ¼ cup of butter

Then Sautee diced onion and grated carrots

Once carrots and onions have softened remove from heat and let cool down

In one large bowl add 2 lbs Yardly’s Premium Beef

add softened vegetables

add 4 eggs

add ¼ cup cream or half and half

add a few dashes of Worcestershire

add salt and pepper

add ground up ritz crackers

then mix well

once well mixed shape as a loaf on your pan (we used a rack with parchment paper)

in a separate bowl for topping add 2 cups of ketchup

add 1-2 Tbps of dry mustard

add 1-2 Tbps of cane sugar or brown sugar

mix well and put a small portion on top of your meatloaf cook in oven for 45 minutes

remove loaf and spread more topping on the loaf

place back in the oven and cook for another 25 minutes

remove and let cool garnish with parsley then serve!


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