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Mirabilite Mounds at Great Salt Lake

Mirabilite Mounds at GSL

Reece Stein takes us to Great Salt Lake to discover mirabilite formations! These salt compound mounds have been found in the United States only at this location — one of only four places in the world!

Check out how mirabilite-rich spring water creates this unique phenomenon and beautiful crystalized mounds on dry mud flats.Watch this weekend and then plan your own visit! You can explore the mounds yourself on Silver Sands Beach, just steps from the Visitor Center at the north end of the marina.

A little extra history cuz we’re into that: Mirabilite mounds are extremely rare and had not been documented at the Great Salt Lake until 2019. According to Utah State Parks, geologists have determined that the mirabilite is precipitating from warm, high salinity sulfate-rich springs, visible only when the lake level falls below an elevation of 4,194 feet. A closer inspection of the mounds revealed that they are a built-up collection of crystallized terraces, similar in appearance to the travertine rimstone and dam terraces that form at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park.

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