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Moonlight Walk – Tree Cutting – Team Vesco

Season 17 Episode 15 This week on AYL we visit the Great Salt Lake Marina for a walk in the moonlight, head to the mountains of Mesquite Nevada to get a Christmas tree, visit with Steadman’s Recreation to take a look a big Christmas toys, and look at the history of Team Vesco as they work to reach the 500 MPH mark.

:42 – Chad and Ria take a stroll in the moon light. They are at the Great Salt Lake marina and are camping and enjoying the moon light. We show you all the great activities that are available for your family here.

4:07 – We join Josh and friends from Polaris/Can-am World in Mesquite as they take a trip to get a Christmas tree. We show you all the great views to be had along the way.

9:55 – Chad and Dave from Steadman’s Recreation go over some big Christmas toys that are available for off-roaders.

17:48 – Terry tells the story of Team Vesco and their conquest to go over 500 MPH in a shaft driven car

. 26:55 – Take a sneak peek at next weeks show.

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