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Mushroom Onion Patty with Katy Yardley

This week Katy Yardley is sharing an absolutely mouthwatering recipe that she’s cooking with Yardley’s premium steak burgers! What you need: 1/3 lb Burger Patties Salt and Pepper Butter 1 onion sliced Pre-sliced mushrooms 1 box beef broth 1 Tbsp brown gravy mix 1 Tbsp flower Worcestershire sauce kitchen bouquet Steps: salt and pepper patties put on stove top flip after 3-4 minutes put sliced onion in pan add mushrooms set aside 1/4 cup beef broth pour remainder in pan turn up the heat reach simmer add 6 dashes of Worcestershire add 1 splash kitchen bouquet in a separate container mix flower, 1/4 cup broth, and gravy mix gradually stir in gravy place patties in pan turn heat down to low simmer for about 20 minutes serve

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