At Your Leisure - Saturday 10:30 pm / Sunday 9:00 am on ABC 4 Utah

Nine Mile Canyon

nine mile canyon

Nick Chase takes us to Nine Mile Canyon, affectionately known as the world’s longest art gallery, to gaze and amaze at rock art in all its glory with pictographs and petroglyphs that date back to 500 AD.

Author and Lone Peak 4 Wheelers Jeep Club member Ed Helmick has written a guide especially for those interested in this ancient artwork called “Discover Nine Mile Canyon,” and it’s available in a convenient spiral notebook to tout along on your journey.

Base camp is Ben Mead’s rustic Nine Mile Ranch where you really get the feel of roughing it in pioneer-era cabins but you’ll have a nice comfy bed to lay your head and a hot breakfast in the a.m.!!

**NOTE: There have been recent reports of individuals defacing rock art walls in Utah, and we KNOW it goes without saying to admire them from afar and never touch, write on or otherwise vandalize these treasured ancient drawings!!**

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