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Paiute Trail Jamboree 2020

AYL is back again, and this week we are revisiting the Paiute Trail Jamboree – one of the best trail events in the state of Utah. The jamboree features a bunch of fun trails, and family activities, as well as food to keep you fueled up for the weekend. Join Kevin and Gina as they pop in to see what it’s all about!

Where To: We’re back on the Arapeen Trail once again to show you yet another slice of off road heaven down in Sanpete county. Trail number 44 is an exciting way to crawl up the mountain and perfect to cool down in the summer by gaining altitude and leaving the heat behind.

What’s New: For more information on Yardley Premium Beef visit: Katy Yardley is back at it again and putting Yardley Premium Beef to the test in a tex-mex bake. This tasty dish will scratch the southwestern itch with its delicious mix of beans, tomatoes, and of course a generous amount of taco seasoning!

Along the Way: During times of social distancing the world has been experiencing a lack of fun holiday events, but the Yardleys don’t let the pandemic get them down and show all of us that you can still have all the fun of Pioneer Day with just your family and some clever ideas.

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