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Papa Bear Run Full Episode

Papa Bear Run

Kevin, Gina and Hanna head to the Papa Bear Run in Marysvale! This Father’s Day poker run-style event was organized by our very own Shannon Bushman and has been going strong for 15 years with no signs of slowing down. The riding is moderate and easy to enjoy for the whole family so it’s a fantastic event and trail system even for beginners. Plus, the ride wraps up with some Big Daddy’s BBQ and lots of prizes, so it’s definitely one not to miss.

In this week’s “Where To,” Reece and Marianne Stein head to Bonanza Flats, a 1,500-acre conservation area that is open to hiking, biking, and horseback riding. This area just an hour from Salt Lake City features lush meadows with blooming wildflowers, quaking aspen and inviting lakes.

In our “What’s New,” we visit the Yardley’s for biscuits and gravy casserole. This one dish wonder is filled with sausage, biscuits, eggs and cheese, all the fixins for a breakfast of champions, And while it won’t whittle your waistline much, this decadent delight will give you a filling, hearty start to the day. The Yardley’s love to enjoy this dish when they’re out at the lake!

We catch up with the BLM on this week’s “Along the Way,” and this time we’re focusing on preserving ancient rock art panels that have been faced with Increased incidences of vandalism. From rock carving to spray painting or even shooting, these ancient historic sites will be lost without us stepping up to care for them. Instead of “leaving your mark” through destruction, take a photo and share with the world that you’re a good steward.

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