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Poison Springs Full Episode

Poison Springs Full Episode

Chad and some very special friends christen the Poison Springs Loop in the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, a new eight mile route that connects the trail system and is now open to side by sides and ATVs for the first time!

From epic views you simply can’t beat to lively water crossings (the Dirty Devil River to be exact!) to notable features like Butch Cassidy’s inscription and towering rock formations, the sheer vastness and unrivaled beauty of this area will knock your socks off!

Base camp is the town of Ticaboo, where we stayed at the Ticaboo Lodge and enjoyed awesome rentals from Base Camp Adventure Center. Plus there’s plenty of food options at Moki’s and several other nearby spots in Bullfrog.

On this week’s “Where To” segment, Nick Chase and our friends from teh Utah/Arizona ATV Club explore Crocodile Trail. Ten miles east of Kanab between Johnson Canyon and Kanab Canyon, the sandy oasis of Crocodile Trail will certainly enchant you. From breathtaking views to fantastic indigenous artifacts to hidden caves and brilliant balancing hoodoos, this ace of trail is enjoyable for beginners and experts alike with a little bit of everything that makes Utah so special.

Chad and Ria are back in the kitchen for our “What’s New” segment, and they’re cooking up one of Chad’s specials: Cowboy Fondue with Yardley Premium Beef! Chad uses Yardley ribeye and just a few basic ingredients for this bubbly, cheesy goodness. Pick your favorite breads, meats, and fruits and veggies to dip and delight.

Russ Stucki jumps on his ATV to ride from St. George to Richfield purely for his love of offroading and a visit with his favorite service department in this week’s “Along the Way.” This semi-regular 220- mile journey meanders through Pine Valley, Newcastle, Milford and Kanosh en route to Richfield, where his Honda Rincon gets the service this 37,000-mile machine needs at Jorgensen’s.

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