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Quagga Dip Tank


The nefarious quagga mussels are the bane of every boater’s existence as they enjoy beautiful Lake Powell. The mussels on the other hand are hard at work attaching to everything in sight, which includes clogging pipes, damaging mechanics and causing major headaches.

The fear that the quagga will spread into other water systems is a concern for boating enthusiasts and residents alike. Utah’s DWR is excited to unveil a new, simplified solution to decontaminate boats coming out of Lake Powell.

Reece Stein meets the founders of Clean Wake, a new decontaminating boat bath that works in five minutes, unlike the labor-intensive hand spray method that takes upwards of 45 minutes per boat. The first 40×14 tub will be located at State Line Launch Ramp at Wahweap Marina and will be operational beginning May 1 with hopes for expansion and a quagga-free summer for all!

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