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Ride for Life 2020

Hey At Your Leisure fans! Have you ever taken a trip to Wendover for charity? This week Chad and Ria show you exactly how it’s done while taking the scenic off road path to Wendover with the Utah ATV Association all to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. You’ll want to watch the stories from this heartwarming event, as you’ll be inspired by how the off road community really comes together to make dreams come true.

Where To: Putting time in at the archery range just got even easier and safer with Weber County’s massive archery complex just inside the city of Ogden. The Weber County Archery park offers space for appropriate social distancing measures, plenty of targets, and the choice between indoor and outdoor settings. This will be your one stop shop to tune in, and turn up the heat with your bow hunting skills.

What’s New: While at the Ride for Life, Chad takes his opportunity to finally give you a comprehensive review on the 4-Seater Honda Talon. This is a product review you won’t want to miss out on with the Talon’s nifty bells, whistles, and of course full transmission so your belt burning days will become a thing of the past. If you want to get your hands on one of these insane vehicles visit for a test drive, but be prepared to be hooked!

Along the Way: Mayhem ensues in the Tooele Valley at the Punishment at the Peak Demolition Derby. This derby was full of crashes and carnage as drivers put themselves, and their vehicles, to the most extreme of tests. We got a behind the scenes look at what keeps drivers coming back for more, and how to get started in this adrenaline inducing sport.

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