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RV Safari – Redbull King of the Air – Palmyra New York

Season 16 Episode 23

This week on AYL we finish up our RV Safari with the Rally in the Pines event, explore Palmyra New York, get some great Valentines gift ideas, and fly high at the Red Bull King of the Air Event.

1:00 – Chad and Ria finish up their RV Safari with a bang. They participate in the Rally in the Pines event in Mackay Idaho. This is one event you should attend next year that your family will remember.

4:30 – Zack heads to the East Coast. He visits Palmyra New York and gives us some great history and places to visit in the area.

11:26 – Rick hooks up with Weller Recreation and gives us some great ideas for Valentines day gifts for your outdoor enthusiast.

20:39 – Joe goes international to South Africa. The Red Bull King of the Air event is a big as it gets. Kite Boarding is a great sport that pushes athletes to their limits.

25:40 – We take a look at our favorite times and places of this years RV Safari.

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