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Snowshoeing the Union Pacific Trail – Snow-Kiting – Jeep Rocker Panel

Season 17 Episode 18

This week on AYL we get in shape on the Union Pacific Tail Trail, go snow-kiting, install some new rocker panels on our jeep, and find out what it takes to assemble a new UTV.

:42 – Chad and Ria are getting in shape for the new year by snow shoeing on the historic Union Pacific Rail Trail in Park City. We show you the beauties to be found along the way with some history of the trail.

4:39 – We join people who are experiencing snow-kiting for the first time. This is an experience that you will want to your family to try. 10:35 – Scott is installing some new rocker panels on a Jeep. We walk you through the whole process and explain why these are an important upgrade to have.

20:05 – We head to Weller Recreation to find out what it takes to get UTVs road ready. We walk through a day of Joe who is their Assembler.

26:55 – Take a sneak peek at next weeks show.

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