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Southern Utah Adventure Center

This week Kevin and Gina are taking us to the Southern Utah Adventure Center to show you how to have a SAFE and HEALTHY adventure with your family! With rentals and tours this is the perfect one stop shop to get our friends and family out and having fun.

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Where To: Jordanelle State Park is every outdoor recreation enthusiast’s dream come true! With several campgrounds for all styles of camping, different recreation areas, rentals of all kinds, and their one-of-a-kind aquazone, this is the premier destination for anyone looking for adventure!…

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What’s New: Sam the Gadget Girl is showing off these hitches that are an absolute game changer! These Rhino Hitches are adjustable in every sense of the word and are perfect for any rig and situation. This local company is revolutionizing how we tow. PLUS, we get a behind the scenes look at how they get made!

Along The Way: Chad and Ria want you to know how to safely recreate while also following the directives from the Governor. If you want to learn more about staying safe and healthy while enjoying outdoor recreation please watch and visit for more information

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