Rhino Hitch

April 3, 2020 0

Sam the Gadget Girl is showing off these hitches that are an absolute game changer! These Rhino Hitches are adjustable in every sense of the word and are perfect for…

Wakesurf Board

March 13, 2020 0

Sam the Gadget Girl is checking out some top-of-the-line designs from Yacht Club Sports that are completely revolutionary! Their boards will have you feeling like a pro in no time,…

Hammock Hitch Stand

March 1, 2020 0

Sam the Gadget Girl is showing us the Hammock Hitch Stand from Hammaka Hammocks. This stand is revolutionary for any off-roader because it allows you to hang your hammock anywhere!…

SylvanSport Go

June 15, 2019 0

This weekend our Gadget Girl, Samantha Epperson, is showing us some exciting things in the works at SylvanSport!

Trailer Valet Review

April 27, 2019 0

Down at the RVX show we ran into Trailer Valet, and Sam the Gadget Girl shows us how these innovative machines could revolutionize how you store your toys!