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Watermelon Crawl Full Episode

Watermelon Crawl

Kevin and Gina and the kids go exploring with our friends from UTV Utah and Gorilla Offroad for the first annual Watermelon Crawl. The group heads to Crystal Geyser, a rare cold-water, carbon dioxide-driven geyser that erupts twice daily. It’s a popular spot for good reason. Even with cloudy skies and some sprinkles, you can’t help but become entranced by the cascading colors of sandstone, sparkling waters and epic views.

In this week’s “Where To” segment, Reece and Marianne Stein are sharing their memories of a Southern Caribbean cruise that will sure to have you booking your adventure ASAP (many cruise lines are planning for a late spring or early summer re-launch!). They head to the ABCs of the Southern Caribbean – Aruba, Bonair and Curacao to experience the oldest marine preserve in the world, white sand beaches and colorful Dutch colonial style architecture. These world adventurers finish their trip in Cartagena, Columbia swimming under a waterfall in the rainforest!

Tunex’s Scott Huntsman reviews and installs a new ReadyLIFT Lift Kit for a Toyota Tacoma in this week’s “What’s New.” He gets his brother on the offroad circuit with spacer and block lifts for the front and rear axles, respectively, as well as wheel spacers to expand the wheel track width. Add some shock absorption and expert alignment you can expect from our resident automotive expert and you’re ready to rock (crawl!).

We’re at Brighton Ski Resort visiting with avalanche rescue dogs in this week’s “Along the Way” segment. Enter Tela Thundersnow, a beautiful black lab with a nose for human scent. While it’s serious business to recover an avalanche survivor, her handler Peter Tucker makes sure that to her it’s all a game. Watch this incredible bond between handler and rescue dog and learn how she trains to help in an avalanche emergency.

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