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Wenches with Winches Jeep Ride Full Episode

Wenches with Winches Full Episode

Ria Rossi Booth and Tonya Huntsman host a fantastic group of female Jeep enthusiasts dubbed Wenches with Winches as they explore Sunshine Canyon near Five Mile Pass in Tooele County. This beautiful trail may be snow covered right now but these cool ladies know how to snow wheel in style.

While the trail riding is great fun, it’s the inclusive and supportive environment that encourages women of all backgrounds and skill levels to enjoy learning, exploring and enjoying the outdoors together. Ditch the dudes for this awesome adventure and tune in to watch these ladies SEND IT! (Seriously tho — guys, kids, dogs are all welcome — these ladies are truly inclusive and we love that!)

Where To: Reece Stein takes us to Great Salt Lake to discover mirabilite formations! These salt compound mounds have been found in the United States only at this location — one of only four places in the world! Check out how mirabilite-rich spring water creates this unique phenomenon and beautiful crystalized mounds on dry mud flats.

Along the Way: We meet Brody Broderick, a brave young man who turned his personal tragedy into triumph on the slopes. He and his family return to Eagle Point Resort on the five year anniversary of an accident that changed his life forever.

What’s New: Coming up this weekend, Chad tests out the new UBCO 2×2 electric utility bike from Steadmans Recreation. This motorized adventure bike gives you a 4WD experience in a 2WD machine.

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