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Wickiup Trail Full Episode

Wickiup Trail Full Episode

Join us for our New Year’s celebration as we look back at some of the funniest outtake moments from filming our 19th season of AYL!

Plus there’s lots of offroad adventures in store for you as we explore the Wickiup Trail with Lone Peak 4 Wheelers Jeep Club. This amazing trail features breathtaking rock formations, majestic arches and views for miles. It also features the famous pictographs known as Head of Sinbad.

“Along the Way” the BlueRibbon Coalition shows us how they’re protecting OHV trails and camping. These folks fight hard for backcountry initiatives across the state as they work to keep the trails open and camping free. Learn how you can get involved!

Behold the world’s largest ball of invisible twine in this week’s “Where To” when we head to Porter Sculpture Park in South Dakota. Here, everything is art and oddities are normal so celebrate your inner weirdo by discovering a wild array of metal sculptures to delight and bewilder you. It’s a mad, mad world!

In this week’s “What’s New,” we review ebikes from Bakcou, a local manufacturer based in Ogden that specializes in manufacturing electric bikes that feature top quality components and are specially made for hunters by hunters.

Don’t miss our final episode of 2020!

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