Our Story

At Your Leisure is a family oriented outdoor and travel show focused on the western United States. Our weekly itinerary includes both motorized and non-motorized destinations and activities, cool new product reviews and suggestions on how to get the most of a weekend or week in the west. At Your Leisure is celebrating its 18th season on the air. We are all driven by a love for not only the outdoors, but our jobs. We love bringing the adventure to you, and hopefully helping you get out there and create your own adventure!


Meet the Team

Everyone here on the At Your Leisure Team feels like family, we are all so blessed to have this job, and we want to thank our viewers for giving us the chance to bring our adventures to you.


Chad Booth

Founder & Host 

Chad has been producing outdoor programming for over 20 years, he is driven by a love for adventure and his love for sharing that passion with others. He loves his family, his daughters, and sharing his adventures with them.





Ria Rossi Booth


Ria enjoys hosting the show with Chad, together they had more adventures than most people could have in several lifetimes put together. Coming from a small town in the Midwest, Ria appreciates the feeling of community and togetherness that the show brings, and hopes to continue to see it grow.




Nick Chase

Field Producer 

Video production has been a huge passion for Nick since he was only 13 years old! His favorite outdoor activities include paddle boarding, kayaking, hiking, and rock climbing. His favorite part of being on the AYL team is learning exciting new ways to recreate and uncovering all the great places in the west to do them!




Reece Stein

Travel Reporter & Field Producer 

Reece has enjoyed decades in the industry and loves everything the west has to offer, but some of his favorite stories have come from his international travels with his wife, Marianne, and their family! He can’t get enough adventure and is so grateful to get to share his adventures with you through At Your Leisure!




Shannon Bushman


Shannon is our jack of all trades, he helps the team with everything from camera work to building this very website. Born and raised in Southern Utah, Shannon loves the show and couldn’t be happier showcasing the adventures that the west holds.




Cody Tucker

Editor / Producer

Cody has been editing for over a decade he enjoys working on such a wildly fun show that has such a family focus. He and his wife, Lishell, have four children, who he loves to take out on outdoor adventures of their very own like fishing.




KeitH Southwick

IT Director/Field Producer 

Keith is the backbone of the office here at the At Your Leisure Headquarters! He has over thirty years in the industry and helps out with everything including all our IT needs and shooting our “What’s New” segments! He loves the content we produce on At Your Leisure, he’s a real outdoor fan and he loves riding his motorcycle and going boating in the summer!



Samantha Epperson

Social Media/Field Producer

This is Sam’s first job in the broadcasting industry, but she fits right in here on the At Your Leisure team. She loves the adventures, and her favorite personal adventures include camping, hiking, or being anywhere in the mountains. She’s lived all over the west including California, Arizona, and Utah and couldn’t feel more grateful for the opportunity she’s been given to be apart of this team. Sam is a Utah native and a University of Utah Graduate.