Eagle’s Landing is committed to serving its local communities. Through events, scholarships, charities and donations, Eagle’s Landing supports local students, first responders, and veterans.

Mark Yardley, Founder and CEO has a wealth of experience in owning and operating Travel Plazas, gas stations, tire shops, and motels. High Country Chevron store was bought in 1987, in 2013 he remodeled it to become a beautiful 8,000+ square foot building that has 12 gas pumps, a tire center, Champs Chicken and a hot deli.

In 1991 Mark opened up Eagle’s Landing in Beaver, UT. After a couple of remodels, it boasts 10 gas pumps, 4 RV diesel pumps and 6 lanes for Semi-trucks. This location has a tire center and a Valerie’s Taco shop and Cinnabon. In 1993 Mark built and operated a Wendy’s franchise located on this property.

In 2008 Mark built and operates a Days Inn motel across from the Travel Plaza in Beaver. In 2004 Mark bought land in Scipio Utah and built a brand-new travel plaza with 12 gas pumps, 5 diesel bays for semi-trucks. This location has a Dairy Queen inside the store and a tire center on the property.

Beaver Flying J - Utah

Bountiful, UT

Scipio Flying J - Utah

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